1 year living in Austin, Texas

I have officially been living in Austin, Texas for an entire year! Weird.. This year has been anything but normal, and I have fumbled through being depressed and excited for new opportunities I have lost and found. I think we can all admit this year has been so hard. My heart goes out to all fellow business owner, the parents home schooling their children while working full-time remote jobs, the ones who lost their jobs, the kids who missed out on school and even more to the ones who lost someone to COVID-19. However, without this pandemic I wouldn't have my self tan mousse line, my new podcast @dontcallmegirlboss or the irreplaceable time with my family together. I have found reasons to stay optimistic and keep diving deeper into my business and family. I have also found a new passion with my Peloton, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves cycling and is having a hard time working out at home. 

Sometimes I forget I even live in Texas, I will be driving and see a ATX sign and will pinch myself. I live in Austin, Texas.. I left everything I knew and everyone I knew to start a new life. I left my business, well I left it to a business partner who ended up bailing on me in January. Now I run my location in Brea, CA completely remote and have two wonderful women working for me. I also have made friends, like real friends, the ones that you know are for life. I am also embarking on a new journey, which I won't share yet.

I may have missed out on a few months this year growing my clientele and exploring Texas but did I gain more in other areas of my business? I think if you really look at where you are today, you have grown in areas you never thought you would pre COVID. 

It is hard to celebrate a year of being in Austin, when I feel like this year has been hard as shit. I had 0 income coming in at one point, I couldn't apply for unemployment for months, and I still had to pay mortgage and rent for my salon in CA. I was terrified.. I cried.. I didn't know what I was going to do. I still paid one of my employees $400 a month during the lockdown as she is a contract employee. I took a remote social media job making exactly $400 a month just to pay her so I wasn't taking more out of my savings. I finally got above water with the PUA unemployment, coming out with my self tan mousse and the PPP loan.

Now the good, my son. He is perfect.. A literal angel on Earth. He makes everything beautiful. I spent so much time with him and my boyfriend. With my work I am never gone a full 8 hours, but I was barley gone at all this year. We had time, so much time. Yes, some days felt like they lasted forever, but looking back it felt like I blinked and it is November. 

My boyfriend, I wanted to and still want to at times kill him.. so much time together.. but he is truly my best friend. He has helped me with my business and in life so much. He makes me a better person, mother, partner and business owner. I owe a lot to him and definitely don't tell him that enough, he is my rock.

I am so thankful we were in lockdown in our home rather than our apartment in California. We are surrounded by nature, hiking and water. There are so many COVID friendly activities to do here, I feel like we lucked out moving here when we did. Not to mention the beautiful home we have and all the work we have put into it, it is our sanctuary.

It is safe to say I love Austin, and when we first moved here I wasn't sure if I would. My boyfriend was the one really wanting to move, and I knew for him we had too. Now here I am loving everything about our new life and it is the best decision we ever made.

I hope by reading this you get the courage to take a big leap, a big move a big anything. I hope you go after exactly what you want and never look back. I hope you take this as a sign to do whatever it is you have your heart set on. I hope you live, really live, live like you only have today, everyday. I hope you know that the thing you are the most scared of has the highest reward, without any risk you will never live life to the fullest. I hope you know everything is achievable and you can truly do anything you want to do.





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  • Beautiful and inspiring post! It’s so difficult to be grateful for all of the positives in our lives these days. Thank you for the reminder 💜


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