How to self tan or spray tan with mature skin

I first want to say, I feel weird making a blog post about being 40+ and fake tanning LOL. However, it is a topic that I have found important because the reality is our skin changes as we age. I may be 30 right now, but I will be going through this as well in the future. I have found while spray tanning clients that there is certain techniques you need to use when self tanning or spray tanning when you are older and I wanted to share that with you.

Things to know:

  • Bend creases: What this means is bend the areas on your body that have wrinkles BEFORE applying any fake tanner. If you don't the fake tanner will only get the skin that is showing, not in between the creases. For example, if you don't do this with your knees and you sit down you will see white lines where the tanner didn't go.
  • Lotion on dark spots: This is a big one, you want to make sure to put lotion on sun spots and any darker spots before self tanning or spray tanning. Your dark spots will get darker with fake tanning, lotion will act as a barrier so this doesn't happen.
  • Camouflage skin imperfections: Fake tanning will help make cellulite and varicose veins not as noticeable. It won't make it completely invisible, but you will 100% be more confident wearing shorts, etc.
  • Super dry skin: If you are super dry make sure to apply lotion to those areas before self tanning. Also, after your fake tan make sure to drink lots of water and apply lotion daily so your fake tan doesn't crack, see image below.

Implementing these techniques will help you achieve a flawless fake tan at every age. Fake tanning is my favorite way to instantly boost my confidence and hide some of my skin imperfections. If you have more questions, comment below!


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  • The better, the more prepared the skin. A spray tan will apply evenly and last longer, and it should always be lighter rather than darker on mature skin. The best part is that it will hide the majority of skin problems and offer your client a youthful glow.

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    Emma Jasmine

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