Self Tanning When Breastfeeding

Don’t worry, I am here to let you know that you can breastfeed your child and have a sunless tan at the same time! I know you are thinking now, what if it gets on my baby? You would be mortified, I get it. Also, self tanning is safe while pregnant and while you are breastfeeding. I went through this as well while breastfeeding my son for a year, but don’t worry it didn’t interfere with my fake tan game at all. The biggest thing you need to be aware of is rinsing off the bronzer (guide color) before breast feeding your baby.

There are a few things to ask yourself before self tanning while breastfeeding, such as:

  1. When does my baby feed?
  • It is important to know your baby's schedule to know how much time you have in between feeds to be able to self tan.
  • Do I have to get up in the middle of the night to feed them?
  • If you get up in the middle of the night to feed them, a standard mousse or spray tan isn’t going to work. A rapid or express option is better, so you can have it rinsed off before they wake up.
  • Am I exclusively pumping?
  • If you are only pumping it is way easier and self tanning or spray tanning doesn’t interfere with anything. You would just avoid the nipple area that your pump goes over and if it is for spray tanning just let your spray tan artist know and she can just avoid that area as well. You do not need to wear a bra or anything like that for a spray tan if you don’t want the harsh tan line, your spray tan artist should know how to do this. If they don’t know, have them DM on Instagram @jessraebuck and I will tell them ;)
  • Do I have milk stored to feed them while my fake tan sets?
  • If you have milk stored, it is also easier to self tan or get a spray tan because you can just use your supply instead of having the baby feed from you directly. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a milk supply, so this option didn’t work for me. 

These questions are important to ask yourself, because it will determine the best way for you to self tan while not interfering with your baby feeding.


This option will require a rapid or express self tan formula, a rapid or express spray tan or self tan formula you can rinse in 2-4 hours depending on how tan you want to be, 1 hour light, 2 hours medium, 3 hours medium/dark, 4 hours dark. This option also works if you are exclusively pumping or have a milk supply.


This option only works if you have a milk supply, you are exclusively pumping or your baby can go through the night without feeding. You would apply the self tan mousse once your baby is sleeping. Our Sunless Rae Self Tan mousse is an 8 hour formula and is perfect to use for an overnight application. This is my favorite option even with my son done with breastfeeding, and is my recommendation for beginner self tanners.

The only way you are going to end up with your baby having self tanner on their face, which I am sure you have seen online by now. Is to make sure that bronzer is rinsed off BEFORE feeding them. You want NO skin to skin contact before your first shower or you risk it getting on your baby. Say your baby doesn’t have a pattern and you can’t predict if they will sleep through the night, I would do the express/rapid solution so I have less time to be worried about it. I always recommend this option to my spray tan clients as well, it is just easier if you are in that stage of motherhood. 

Moral of the story, you can self tan and spray tan while breastfeeding you just have to time it right with your baby. As a fellow mama, this is just a stage of motherhood that will end way too soon. While you are on your breastfeeding journey it feels like your baby will never do anything different, than one day they are three years old running through Target trying to find their favorite toy. Enjoy every phase of motherhood, even the one where you have to time your self tanning around it.



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