Standard vs. rapid solution

At Sunless Rae we have two different solutions, standard and rapid.

- overnight solution (can be during the day but you have to wait 8 hours)
- shower in a minimum 8 hours (longer is fine)
- lower DHA%
- the tan is completely developed in 24 hours
- you tell us during your appointment what shade you would like to be

- day time solution
- shower in 2/4 hours
- highest DHA% (some clients will turn orange if left on past the 4 hour mark)
- decide what color you want to be by when you shower; 2 hours light, 3 hours medium and 4 hours dark (you are only washing off the bronzer sooner, the color darkens up to 24 hours)

When coming in for your appointment with us always tell us what you are doing after your tan so we can properly recommend you the best solution.

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