The do's and don'ts of spray tanning

Spray tanning is more than just having a spray tan technician spray you with some color and you have the perfect tan, it is a science. There are many things YOU have to do to prepare to ensure you have the best an possible, which is what makes a spray tan technicians job hard. If you don't prep correctly or use bad products on your skin it can cause you to have a bad spray tan, causing you to blame the spray tan artist for doing a bad job. We are HUGE on education as we want to ensure you do everything on your end to make sure you do in fact have the best tan every time. 

Here is a break down of the DO'S:

  • use an organic/natural lotion daily (we recommend Hempz)
  • use organic/natural body wash (we recommend Dr. Bronners)
  • pat dry with a towel after shower
  • wear loose clothing until after first shower
  • use alcohol/oil free sunblock (we recommend Sun Bum or Coola)

Here is the Don'ts:

  • shower until 8 hours (2-4 hours if rapid solution)
  • sweat or do anything with water until first shower (no dishes, laundry, etc.)
  • no loofah or scrub when showering for the lifetime of your spray tan
  • no mani or pedi until 24 hours after first shower
  • no bar soap

I know it can seem overwhelming with all the information you need to know, but we promise after one appointment with us you will be a PRO! Every new client gets a card with a breakdown of all this information and right when you book you get an email with how to prep. 

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