What is PH level and what does it have to do with spray tanning?

Spray tanning is not a dye or a paint that goes on your skin, it causes a reaction with the amino acids on the top and dead layer of your skin. When spray tan solution is applied to the skin, it reacts with the proteins in the skin's superficial layer to form a tan. This process is also called, The Maillard Reaction. Solution has DHA in it and that is what makes you tan. If your skin isn't at the correct PH level because you are using bad products on your skin, it can effect how your spray tan comes out.

The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. On a scale of 1-14, with 1 being the most acidic to 14 being the most alkaline, 7 is considered a neutral reading for your skin's pH. Our skin should be at a 5.5 PH level, slightly acidic. When our skin is too alkaline, skin becomes dry and sensitive; you may even get eczema.

A spray tan will have the best results when the skin is at the correct PH level. To achieve a good PH level make sure clients are using Dr. Bronner's unscented body wash, Hempz body lotion, and drinking water. 

I know this is a lot to understand, but I am the type of person that if you tell me the why I will understand and not forget it. Using good, natural and healthy products on your skin will help it stay at the PH level it should be. A good PH level means a good spray tan.

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