Why the PH level of your skin matters.

All of our skin is at a certain PH level all the time. The PH level of your skin is affected by what products you are using on it and if you exfoliate. If your pH balance is off and it's too alkaline, your skin is going to look flaky and red. If it's too acidic, you'll increase your chances of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne. The ideal PH level of your skin is around a 5.5. You are probably now wondering what this has to do with spray tanning, if your skin isn't at the ideal level of 5.5 your spray tan won't last long and could be uneven. This is also why I am always telling my clients to not use brands like; Dove, Olay, etc. The best soap to use on your skin is something natural, I love Dr. Bronner's.

To make sure you get the best possible results with your spray tan we also use a PH balancing spray on you. The PH balancing spray will help bring your level to the level it needs to be for the best results. Our PH balancing spray also helps you retain moisture, removes oils, makeup and other daily buildup. Using a PH balancing spray will improve your spray tan life by 20-30%.

Spray tanning isn't just a "paint" we spray on your body, it is a chemical reaction with your skin that makes you tan. The DHA in the spray tan solution reacts with your skin to make you tan. I know this is a lot of science, but knowledge is power. I am the type of person if you tell me why I will always remember. If you just tell me to do something it usually doesn't stick. I hope you understanding the "why", will help to ensure you do all the proper things to have the best tan possible.

If you have more questions about this please feel free to email sunlessrae@gmail.com




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