Buildable Tanning Tips & Tricks

Have you heard the term "buildable tan" before and had no idea what it means? Don't worry, I am here to break it down for you. Basically, every fake tan is buildable. It doesn't matter if it is a spray tan, self tan mousse, self tan drops, self tan lotion, self tan spray, etc. IT IS BUILDABLE! 

The term buildable in the tanning world means, you can add another coat of a self tanner after your initial shower to make the tan darker. This is most common with self tan lotion is gradual, and you keep adding layers everyday until you achieve your desired tan color. What people don't realize is you can do this with ANY self tanner. The only time you would not build on top of a fake tan is when you get a spray tan and then get another spray tan the next day, that isn't worth the money and a good spray tan artist can make you the desired color you want in one appointment. 

I am going to breakdown each self tan product and how you would "build it":

Self tan lotion: Use everyday for a few days until you achieve the desired tan level you want.

Self tan mousse: Apply a coat of mousse on entire body, rinse as directed on the bottle, and then apply another coat. 

Self tan spray: Spray self tanner on your body or face, rinse as directed on the bottle, and then spray another coat.

Self tan drops: Add self tan drops to your favorite face lotion, apply to face, rinse as directed on bottle, and apply another coat.

Spray tan: You do not layer spray tans on top of each other, the way you build on top of a spray tan is by applying a self tanner when you see your spray tan starting to fade (usually at the 3-5 day mark). 

As you can see, the process is pretty similar for each self tanner. There are two HUGE tips you need to remember when building a self tan. 

1. Do not exfoliate in between coats, you just add the self tanner on top a self tan.

2. No fake tan will last more than two weeks, as our skin naturally sheds itself. It is best practice to do a deep exfoliating at this point and start over fresh for your fake tan to look its best. 

Our Sunless Rae self tan mousse is a buildable mousse and I created it that way on purpose. We only offer our mousse in the shade medium, with DHA level 9%, so that it is universal for any skin tone and it won't make anyone orange EVER! I hope you learned exactly how to build a self tan, if you have any questions comment below! For more information, make sure to subscribe to our Sunless Rae Youtube Channel.

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