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How do I apply the self tan mousse?

To apply our self tan mousse exfoliate and remove unwanted hair 24 hours before application, apply lotion to ankles, feet, elbows, hands and wrists before self tanning, use our tanning mousse with our applicator mitt to apply mousse in circular motions all over your body.

Will it get on my clothes?

No, our tanning mousse is a quick dry, non-transfer formula. You can even wear a white t-shirt after applying it and sleep in your white sheets.

Does it smell bad like other self tanners?

No, our mousse has a baby powder scent that masks any bad smells.

How long does it last?

5-7 days

Can I go swimming with it?

Yes, just no jacuzzi's or saunas!

Can I use it on my face?

Yes, our mousse is as clean as can be and is perfect to apply to your face with our applicator mitt.

Can I use my hand to apply the mousse?

No, we recommend only using our applicator mitt to make sure you don't get any tanner on your hands.

How dark is it?

Our mousse comes in shade medium, so that is fits every skin tone. If you wish to have a deeper tan, apply another coat the following day.

Can I shave with the tan on?

Yes, 24 hours after your initial application. Only shave to remove hair when you have a fake tan on. 

Can I workout with it on?

Yes! Just rinse after initial application before working out to make sure you don't have brown sweat.

How do I make my fake tan last long?

Use and organic lotion daily and an organic body wash.

When should I reapply it to maintain my tan?

We recommend a new application weekly to maintain the perfect tan. Make sure to exfoliate with our exfoliating mitt before applying a new coat if at the 5-7 day mark.

When can I rinse off the mousse?

Our mousse can be rinsed in a minimum of 8 hours. We recommend applying it at night and rinsing in the morning.

What can I not do before my initial shower after using the mousse?

Do not sweat or get any water on yourself.