Can I sit down after a spray tan or self tan?

I have been a spray tan artist for over a decade now and I swear every client that comes in for their first spray tan will ask this question. Can I sit down after this? This question has always made me laugh, because I think about what if the answer was no. Imagine that for a minute, you would have to stand up until your first shower LOL. 

Okay, I know you just want the answer, and that answer is YES! You can sit down after a spray tan or even a self tan. The only way you can mess up a fake tan after the application and before your first shower is by sweating or by getting water on yourself. If you do this, you will end up with a spotty fake tan and if you sweat you will have streak and both of these are very hard to fix. 

So feel free to sit down, lay down, and do anything but sweat or spill water on yourself. I also remind clients this includes no dishes, laundry or bath time with your children until your first shower. 


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