Can you still get a sunburn or tan with a spray tan or self tan on?

This is a very common question, after you get a sunless tan can you still get sunburn and/or tan? The answer is, YES!!! A spray tan/self tan does NOT act as SPF, you will still need to protect your skin when you go in the sun. 

It is best to use a sunblock that is alcohol free and more on the organic side to make sure you don't take your fake tan off. Never use an oil sunblock to protect your skin with a fake tan on, it will take it off. 

Sunblock's I like:

All of the brands above have a sunscreen that is fine to apply on top of a fake tan, it is best to get the lotion kind.

If for some reason you get sunburnt with a fake tan on, make sure to moisturize so you do not peel! If you peel it will take off your fake tan and it will not look good.

Keep in mind, if you get a tan underneath a fake tan you won't see it until your fake tan has faded!


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