Everything brides need to know about spray tanning before their wedding day

It is about to be the biggest day of your life and you want to look the best you have ever looked in your life. So naturally, as we all do, you set up all the beauty appointments needed to make sure you look and feel your best. One of those beauty appointments will be to book a spray tan appointment. You may be an avid spray tanner of may have not had one for ten years and you have no clue where to start and all you care about is not looking orange and having it not get on your dress. Well, there is no need to stress because I am here to give you all the tips and tricks you need to know before spray tanning.

  1. The biggest tip I am going to give you is to ALWAYS do a trial run at least 3 weeks before your wedding day. I would give more time in case you hate the spray tan artist you choose and you have to find a new one. A trial run is going to make sure you choose a good spray tan artist, you like the color and you make sure you don't ruin your spray tan. The reason I say ruin your spray tan is because a spray tan artist can give you the best spray tan of your life but you could go home and ruin it by getting water on yourself, sweating or putting on tight clothes. A trial run is critical to make sure you know exactly how to keep your spray tan looking its best before your first shower.
  2. After you do your trial spray tan and you have taken your first shower, put on a white t-shirt. If any bronzer (what instantly makes you tan, this is what you rinse off in the first shower) gets on your shirt, than you didn't rinse it all off and you need to shower again. The reason you want to do this white t-shirt test is so that you are confident on your wedding day that nothing will get on your dress. The only way spray tan can get on your dress is by not rinsing off all the bronzer. This is my favorite trick to tell brides to do, as a spray tan should not be something you stress about before your wedding.
  3. Always choose the shade medium, a light spray tan is too light and unless you love to have a fake looking tan you do not want dark. A medium is the perfect shade to get that perfect wedding glow.
  4. If you can also plan your trial spray tan around your makeup trial. If you can't do this that is fine, just make sure to tell your makeup artist you will be getting a spray tan before your wedding day and they can match your foundation.
  5. Schedule your wedding spray tan 2-3 days before the big day. Three days is best if you can, as you will get in two good showers before your wedding, but if you have a million events going on that week 2 days is fine. I don't recommend the night before as you want a day for your tan to fully develop before applying lotion, using body wash and shaving.
  6. Follow all of our spray tan tips to make sure you have the best spray tan ever!

I hope these spray tan tips help you look amazing on your wedding day! If you have more questions please leave a comment below.



  • I’m a 2025 bride and this page and video were soo helpful! I have never spray tanned before so I’m trying to figure out when I should or shouldn’t do it. Thank you!

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