How to self tan and spray tan with big boobs

If you aren't bigger chested, skip this blog post. This blog is for my natural big chested women that have a hard time keeping self tanner and spray tan underneath their boobs. I personally have natural big boobs, which I hate. They are always not fitting into my bras, I look pregnant when I wear a baggy shirt, I have two wear two sports bras to run, etc. Anyways, you get the point, bigger boobs are a thing that you need to do things differently than women with smaller boobs. 

Spray tanning

The secret to spray tanning with big boobs is number one, going to a good spray tan artist that should know how to make the spray tan solution stay underneath your boobs. However, if you can't find one make sure to tell them to do this. 

  1. Have them spray you with solution underneath your boobs with your arms all the way up.
  2. Keep your arms up and have them dry that area.
  3. While still having your arms up and that area now dry, apply drying powder or baby powder to that area so it stays.

After this part is done you only have one real option and that is to do the infamous "tuck" if you have big boobs you know what I am talking about.

Self tanning

To make a self tan stick, it is very similar to spray tanning.

  1. Have your arms all the way up and apply self tan mousse with your self tan mitt.
  2. Keep your arms up for 10 seconds or so until you feel the mousse is dry.
  3. Arms still up, use a wide makeup brush to apply baby powder underneath your boobs

You can also do the infamous "tuck" at this point as well to make sure that your boobs don't touch your belly which will cause the self tanner to rub off or sweat off.

Basically, the secret is to keep it dry underneath that area and to stop your boobs from touching your belly which can take the fake tan off. I know, all the joys of having big natural boobs. I have to do this personally and it is the only thing that works for me. 

If you use this trick comment below and let us know how it worked for you!




  • What about after in the summer when you sweat and wear a bra. That area always rubs off and gets all patchy.

  • I’m a little confused about this. If I hold my arms up you still won’t be able to get under my breasts. Can I physically holy them up to be sprayed under and then have the powder added?

    Also, what’s the tuck?

  • What about spray tanning booths? You can’t really hold them up or you’re going to mess up your arms during those passes. I was thinking of just wearing a small bikini top and just dealing with some tan lines. Better than having big white patches underneath my breasts if I’m out wearing a bikini or crop top.

  • What is the ‘infamous’ tuck? I don’t know it and feel I definitely would benefit


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