How To Self Tan At Home

Self tanning at home is one of my personal favorite things to do because I can do it on my own time in the comfort of my own home. I make time to self tan before going to bed and what I love about the Sunless Rae self tan mousse is I can get dressed right away and it won’t get all over my sheets. I sleep in it and wake up with the most perfect natural sunkissed tan. I am going to break down exactly how I self tan at home for you.


I exfoliate 24 hours before the night I self tan, I take a warm shower and use the Sunless Rae exfoliating mitt and put Dr. Bronner’s baby soap on the mitt. Once the soap is on the mitt, I rub in a circular motion all over my body, when I get to my neck I go in an upwards direction to my chin. If I am exfoliating with leftover self tanner on, I make sure I exfoliate until most of the old tanner is off. If the old self tanner is being stubborn, I will take a bath and bring my exfoliating mitt in with me to scrub while my body is submerged in water. If I have no old self tanner on, I just do a good exfoliation all over my body. It is important to do this step 24 hours before you self tan as you want your pores to be closed and have time to relax before applying a self tan product on to it. Do not apply lotion after exfoliating if you plan on self tanning in 24 hours, this will prevent the tan from being as dark or lasting as long. It is also very important you do not use a body scrub with oil to exfoliate, this will leave an invisible layer of oil on your skin that can result in a bad sunless tan.


After I have waited 24 hours from when I exfoliated, I wait until bedtime to apply my Sunless Rae self tan mousse. I wait until evening because I have a toddler and I am running around most of the day, in the evening I have time to just let my faux tan “marinate” without anything interfering with the results of my tan. More specifically, I self tan right before I go to bed in the bathroom so it can be a part of my skincare routine. I like to brush my teeth first and wash my face before applying my self tan mousse to ensure no water drops get on my sunless tan after applying it. Once that is done I put any lotion I have around my bathroom on my ankles, tops of feet, knees, elbows, inside of hands, top of hands and my wrists. Then I apply my self tan mousse all over my body using my Sunless Rae self tan mousse and applicator mitt. You can read more about this on the how to apply self tanning mousse article. Now that my self tan mousse is applied all over my body, I get dressed in my pajamas and go about my normal bedtime routine. 


When I wake up I take a shower to rinse off the product so that I can see my sunless tan's final results. I also do this so that if I sweat during the day, it is not brown, which is what can happen if you don’t rinse it off. You can leave it on longer if you won’t be sweating and it doesn’t bother you, the minimum process time is 8 hours. I do not apply lotion or soap all over my body until 24 hours after my self tan mousse application. I do this because I don’t want to stop the development of my fake tan, which using lotion and soap can do. It is okay if you prefer to use lotion and soap before the 24 hour mark, I wait so that I have the best results possible. For more information on self tanning for beginners click here

As you can see, self tanning at home is so easy! You can do it on your own time and even in your own bathroom. I am a spray tan artist and have had employees that were able to spray tan my whenever, but now having my son and living in a different state getting a spray tan isn’t the easiest thing to do and bugging my husband to do it for me doesn’t always work (LOL). I am obsessed with the Sunless Rae self tan mousse and how convenient it is for me and my lifestyle. Self tanning at home can be done in less than 5 minutes, and it doesn’t interfere with your life at all if you sleep in it during the processing time. Our Sunless Rae self tan kit also comes with everything you need to self tan at home!



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