How to tan your face


This is something I get asked all the time, how do I self tan my face? I know we worry about our skin breaking out, but the Sunless Rae self tan mousse formula is non-toxic and will not cause your face to break out. I personally love having a self tanner on my face as it makes me feel like I have a layer of foundation on and I use less makeup. Keep in mind that the self tanner on your face usually doesn’t last as long as you use skin care products and wash your face sometimes twice a day. What I do is reapply the self tan mousse on my face every three days to maintain the sunless tan or when I notice it starting to fade. 


  1. I apply it to my face after I have applied the self tan mousse to my entire body, I put the mousse on my mitt and I will put another coat on my neck, then I will use the leftover mousse that is on my mitt and apply it to my face. The reason I don’t apply it straight onto my face is I don’t want my face to get too dark, using the leftover on the mitt will leave it slightly lighter than the rest of my body, which will leave you with a more natural tan.
  2. When applying I make sure to tuck my lips in to not make sure no self tanner gets on them, and also make sure to get under your eyebrows and eyelids. At this step I will put a little of the mousse on my ears as well.

Another tip is to already have brushed your teeth so you don’t have any drips of toothpaste messing up your sunless tan on your face. 


  1. Once it is applied, go to sleep, rinse in the morning and you will have the perfect bronzed glow on your face.

If I am reapplying the mousse after it has faded, but I still have a good sunless tan on my body I will:

  1. Exfoliate my face and then apply the mousse to my neck and face. To exfoliate I use an exfoliating face scrub that I have from my esthetician, you can use whatever you prefer, I would NOT use the Sunless Rae exfoliating mitt on your face as it is too harsh.
  2. I like to make sure to reapply to my neck to ensure that it blends well, and I personally love a tan neck to hide my double chin LOL.

Self tanning can be a super easier process once you get the hang of it and know how long it lasts on your skin. Every single person has a different longevity with a self tan product, as everyone's lifestyles are different. If you workout a lot or if you use an exfoliant on your face for example, your sunless tans won’t last as long and you will need to reapply more frequently. I think of self tanning as part of my skin care routine. I apply it once a week and use the mousse on my face a few times a week. This way I am maintaining my sunless tan, which makes me feel like the best version of myself everyday.


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  • thank you for the article! I started using sunless rae this summer and reeeeallly love it, favorite self-tanner I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot. And I hadn’t thought about the whole toothpaste bit and applying it after, very clever.

    I do have a question — should I apply lotion before the tanner? I’ve seen so many mixed messages online :(


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