Self tan vs. Spray tan? Which one to choose?

I have been spray tanning for over 8 years now and I LOVE a good spray tan, it instantly makes me feel so much better! However, sometimes I am not always able to get one with my schedule and having a toddler. So what do you do? SELF TAN!

Self Tan

I will choose self tanning over a spray tan when I want to just stay tan weekly. Spray tans are more expensive and with one self tan mousse bottle, I can get 8-10 full body tans. Think of it this way, self tanning = maintain a tan. Also with a spray tan I have to schedule it and sometimes my schedule is all over the place and I can't.

Spray Tan

I get spray tans before a big event, I would never just self tan before something like my wedding day or a date night. A spray tan will make me darker faster and I know no spots will be missed as long as I go to a good spray tan artist. Spray tans = big event. You can get a mobile spray tan in the comfort of your own home or go to a spray tan salon. It is just up to your preference, I like both.

Spray tan and self tan

However, one of my favorite things to do is to get a spray tan AND use self tan mousse! The secret is to get a spray tan and then on the third day of your spray tan, apply self tan mousse on top of it and anytime after that you feel like it is starting to fade. Keep in mind a self tan or spray tan will never go past the two week mark, our skin naturally sheds itself at that time, so no fake tanner will make it past that. 

So when in doubt, spray tan and self tan on top of it!




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