Can you use gloves to self tan?

Recently on Tiktok I have seen videos of women sharing that they are using gloves to apply self tan mousse. This is the worst way you could possibly apply self tan mousse for a few reasons.

Why gloves are terrible to use for applying self tan mousse

  1. If you get self tanner on your hands it will make your hands ORANGE! The inside of your hands are not meant for any kind of self tanner, if it gets on them it will make your hands a terrible orange shade. Even when washing your hands right away you can have it stain the inside of your hands and if you wash your hands you are going to also wash the self tanner on the top of your hands.
  2. It takes a long time to blend in the self tanner. The gloves will not soak up any self tanner causing a lot to be on your gloves with just one pump, having this much on the gloves makes it take a long time to blend in.
  3. It is very hard to have a good fake tan when using gloves. The gloves cause the mouse to not go on smoothly or blend easily like with a mitt and it is very easy to miss a spot and not blend a spot in. 

If you don’t have a self tan mitt, do not think you can just use your hands. You never want to get any self tan mousse on the inside of your hands, even if it's for a minute it can stain them an orange shade.

Why you should never use your hands to apply self tan mousse

  1. It will stain your hands and make them orange and if you wash your hands you will also rinse the self tanner on the tops of your hands making them not tan like the rest of your body.
  2. It is hard to blend the self tan mousse with your hands, it will cause streaks and an uneven application.

The correct way to apply self tan mousse is with a self tan mitt. This is the only way I can guarantee you will have a good self tan with our self tan mousse or any sunless tanning company. Basically, don’t break what isn’t broken.

Why only use a self tan mitt 

  1. It allows for an easy, streak free self tan mousse application
  2. Using a mitt takes the least amount of time to apply a self tan mousse
  3. It is the only way a self tan application is guaranteed to look good
  4. You are able to self tan your hands without washing the self tanner off to make sure it doesn’t stain the inside of them

Basically, only use a self tan mitt. There is no “trick” or “hack” to apply self tan mousse better. If there was sunless tanning companies would be coming out with their own disposable gloves, but they aren’t because it doesn’t work. Stick with what you know and use a self tan mitt and you will have the perfect fake tan!



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