How to self tan your hands

Have you ever applied self tan mousse and thought you did an amazing job, then you rinse you and look at your hands and they look terrible? Yeah, me too. Over the years I have perfected the way I apply self tan mousse to my hands for a flawless application, and I want to share it with you. There is no need to have orange hands, or an uneven application anymore after you follow these exact steps.

  1. Apply lotion to your knuckles and around your cuticles, before applying any mousse onto your hands. It doesn’t matter what lotion you use.
  2. Use the Sunless Rae Self Tan Mousse Kit all over your body, for the perfect full body self tan application. If you are a self tan beginner make sure to follow all the tips and tricks we recommend. Once the mousse is applied all over your body with our application mitt, leave the last step for the hands.
  3. Use our application mitt in one hand to apply the mousse to your opposite hand, but only use the leftover product that is on the mousse for the first hand. If you do a new big pump of mousse before applying, it will leave your hands too dark. The goal is to have natural, blended hands that aren't obviously self tanned. When applying, have your fingers spread apart and make sure to get in between each finger so there isn’t a harsh line of where the self tanner is and where your natural skin color is. This is a very fast step and only takes a few seconds.
  4. After it is applied I like to blend the mousse up my arm, for the next hand I put a tiny amount of mousse on the mitt and fold my hand with the mitt on to have the mitt absorb some of the mousse before applying it to my hand. Follow step 3 again for the second hand.
  5. Do not wash your hands until the sunless tan is fully developed. The Sunless Rae self tan mousse takes 8 hours to fully develop, if for some reason you have to wash your hands, only wash the inside of your hands and if you can use hand sanitizer. Washing your hands can leave water spots that cause the self tanner to not work properly leaving you with white spots when you rinse. This is also why I recommend self tanning at home in the evening, you can just sleep in it and rinse in the morning. 

Self tanning your hands is easy once you know exactly how to do it. I have not followed these steps before thinking my hands would be fine and it never works, my hands always end up looking orange and splotchy. Applying self tan mousse doesn’t have to be something you are intimidated to use, if this is your first time ever applying self tan mousse just make sure it isn’t the day before a huge event. Always have your first sunless tan be a day before you don’t have something big to do the next day, this goes for spray tans or self tanning.

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