How To Avoid Acne When Self Tanning

I have spray tanned thousands of women at this point in my career and 99% of my clientele has me spray tan their face and not one has ever said that they broke out afterwards. It is very comment to think, "Will this self tanner or spray tan make me breakout?" The answer is no. 

When I was thinking about this topic, I was really thinking about anyway that someone could breakout from a self tan and it just really doesn't happen. I think the only way you could is blaming a fake tanner when really you got a pimple because of another reason.

If you are still worried after reading this, you can try a coat of self tanner on your face on an evening where you aren't doing something the next day just in case. However, I highly doubt you will have any acne due to a fake tanner. 

You can self tan your face a few ways:

Self tan drops: To use self tan drops you add a few drops to your favorite moisturize or face oil and keep it on overnight.

Self tan mousseYou can use our self tan mousse on your face with our applicator mitt.

Self tan spray: To use self tan spray, you hold the spray as far as your arm can go and close your eyes and tuck in your lips. You spray your face in sections until you feel it is completely saturated. If you aren't sure, you can always use a self tan mitt to blend it all in.

Spray tan: During your spray tan appointment, a spray tan artist will guide you through this process.

Fake tanning your face is a very easy process and you can apply knowing you will not breakout from the tanner. 


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