How to self tan your back


How to self tan your back is one of the most frequently asked questions by any self tan lover. Self tanning your back is definitely the most challenging part of the body to apply a mousse or lotion to as you can’t reach it with your hands. So what do you do? You have a few options.


  • Ask your significant other, friend or family member to help you and this is what you tell them to do. 
  1. Use our Sunless Rae Self Tan Mousse, have them put the Sunless Rae Self Tan Mitt and pump 2 pumps of the Sunless Rae Self Tan Mousse to the mitt. 
  2. Once your partner has the mousse on the mitt, have them apply it directly onto your back in circular motions. 
  3. Make sure they blend the self tanning mousse into the areas you have already applied mousse to such as your shoulders, sides and your behind area. It depends on how big your back is, but you may have to have your partner do another pump onto the mitt and apply more. 
  4. Once this is done, you can tell them thank you and you now have a tan back!


  • Use a wooden spoon from your kitchen
  1. You can get a little DIY and go into your kitchen and find a long wooden spoon.
  2. Then grab your self tanning mitt and put it on the spoon end and then secure it with a hair tie or rubber band. 
  3. Once you have this all setup pump one pump of self tan mousse to the mitt and hold the wooden spoon and rub the mitt on your back. I recommend using a mirror so you can see where you are applying it to make sure you get every spot. This may take a few tries to perfect, but it works.


  1. All you do is pump mousse on the back applicator about 6 inches apart from each other.
  2. Then grab the applicator with both hands and glide it over you back and forth until it’s evenly applied. I also recommend using a mirror so you can see where you are applying the mousse to make sure you get everywhere. 

One of the three options above will work for you. My personal favorite is to ask my husband to apply it for me, but not everyone has that option. Any of these options will give you the perfect self tan back application, if you are doing the second or third option it make take one-two times to perfect this method, try it the first time before a huge event with your back showing in a dress, do it on a day where your back will be covered so it doesn’t matter as much. I promise you this step is easy, anything you do for the first time can be nerve racking, just go for it! The worst that can happen is you look at it the next day (I recommend self tanning at night and sleeping it) and you have to touch up a few areas, no big deal! You got this!



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