The best self tan tips for beginners

If you haven't ever self tanned it can be a nerve-racking process, but don't worry! I am here to give you the BEST beginner self tan tips to ensure you have a flawless fake tan application. 

I highly recommend using a mousse to self tan if you are more on the paler side, because this is going to give you the most instant results. I use self tan mousse as my initial tan application, a self tan lotion to maintain it and self tan drops for my face.


1. Don't use a dark or ultra dark self tanner your first time tanning. I always suggest starting with a medium shade because you can build on-top of it the next day for a darker tan. A medium shade is also good for every skin tone, you will not turn orange with this shade. 

2. Exfoliate 24 hours BEFORE self tanning, this makes sure your pores are closed. To exfoliate use an exfoliating mitt with an organic body wash, never use a body scrub to exfoliate before fake tanning. 

3. Use organic/natural body wash and lotion. If you have been using Dove or another brand like that, stop using it a few days before self tanning to make sure you don't have a streaky tan. I recommend Dr. Bronner's unscented body wash and Hempz body lotion.

4. A fake tan is waterproof and sweat proof 95% of the time. The only time water can take off your fake tan completely is if you go in a jacuzzi. 

5. You cannot sweat or do anything water water before your first shower, during this time your tan is developing and water/sweat will ruin it.

6. While your tan is developing it is also important to wear loose dark clothing, never wear a bra, or leggings.

7. To self tan your back use a back applicator or ask a friend/partner to help you out.

8. Apply lotion to dry areas BEFORE self tanning. The dry areas are your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and tops of hands.

9. You can put self tan mousse on your face, our self tan mousse is non-toxic a will not cause you to breakout. 

10. Always use a self tan mitt to apply self tan mousse, every other way will leave you with an uneven fake tan.

11. Rub in circular motions when applying self tanner and if it is a mousse do one/two pumps. You will know when to reapply as the mousse won't be spreading as well.

These are my favorite self tan tips! I hope this helps you have a flawless self tan application and you feel confident to self tan.



  • It can be scary if you’ve never self-tanned, so don’t fear! I’m here to provide you with the BEST beginner self-tan advice so that you can apply fake tan flawlessly.
    If you tend to be paler, I strongly advise using a mousse self-tanner because it will produce the fastest effects. I apply self-tanner mousse as my first coat, self-tanner lotion to keep it up, then self-tanner drops to my face. The LuxeBody Bronzing Mousse is the best natural self-tanner made with all-natural components. It is highly recommended for people with light to medium skin tones or who wish to have a natural tan without having to undergo any kind of expensive treatment. Visit

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