Don’t make these beginner tanning mistakes

Everyone starts off as a beginner at one point at everything, self tanning isn't any different. There are rules and things you want to follow to make sure you have the best sunless tan possible. You can easily apply the self tan mousse perfectly, and it comes out terrible, but don't worry! I am here to give you all the things NOT to do before, during and after a fake tan.

Don't make these mistakes:

  • Using an ultra dark self tanner
Always start with a medium self tanner, a dark or ultra dark can turn you orange if you have a pale skin tone and it leave a lot or room for error. Ultra dark and dark self tanner = high DHA, which means a very dark tan.
  • You don’t exfoliate beforehand
Exfoliating is a crucial step to do before fake tanning, don't skip it!
  • Exfoliating/shaving/showering right before
It is best to exfoliate, shave and shower at least 24 hours before a fake tan application so your pores are closed.
  • You use a body scrub to exfoliate
Only use an exfoliating mitt, dry brush or exfoliating glove to exfoliate. A body scrub can make your tan not develop or not last as long.
  • Not removing old self tanner fist
Always remove old self tanner before applying a new coat if it has been a week or longer, if you don't you will have a patchy tan.
  • Not applying lotion to dry areas
To have an even tan that look as natural as possible, always apply lotion to your feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands BEFORE applying mousse.
  • Using dove soap
It will leave you with a streaky tan and other brands like it, throw it away.
  • You don’t use a tanning mitt
Always use an applicator mitt to apply self tanner, it will stain your hands.
  • Missed a spot
If you missed a spot, you will most likely notice after your first shower. You can apply more self tanner to that spot, just make sure it blends to the surrounding area.
  • Don’t apply to hands and feet correctly
When applying it to these areas make sure you go around your fingers and toes so you don't have a harsh fake tan line.
  • Waxing with it on
To remove hair with a self tan on, you can only shave.
  • You forget your face
Don't forget to apply it to your face, you can use the mitt to apply self tan mousse.
  • You don’t use lotion after
Always use lotion daily to make sure it doesn't crack and lasts as long as possible.
  • Put tight clothes on right after
Do not put leggings or a sports bra on after, only loose dark clothing. If you use our self tanner, you can wear white.
  • Not sweating or doing anything with water before it is fully developed
Until your first shower, do not do ANYTHING that will make you sweat or get water drops on yourself. It will ruin your tan!
  • Going in a jacuzzi
This will take off your fake tan completely.
  • Getting nails done
You can technically, but ONLY if you tell them not to use any scrub on your legs or hands and pat dry with a towel. You can't have the spa time mani or pedi.
  • Exfoliating before you want your tan to come off
Do not use a loofa or a towel to wash in the shower with a self tan on, only when you are ready for it to come off!
I know that was a lot, but there are a lot of mistakes you can make! I have either witness them happen or have made them myself and I hope this helps you NOT make the same mistakes.

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